[Q] Setting video mode with Falcon compatible resolution

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[Q] Setting video mode with Falcon compatible resolution

Postby Patrice Mandin » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:18 pm


A while ago, I added new extended video modes for Supervidel in SDL. However it seems it's not totally correct, so I need to know how to fix it. Currently, 0x4000 is used for all modes, but it appears it's not needed for modes that are 640x480 or less (i.e. 640x240, 320x480 and 320x240). So should I remove it? Currently, the video mode code list is this one (I don't list resolutions 800x600 or higher):

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   {0x403D,640,480,32,0}, /* 32 bits modes */

   {0x403C,640,480,16,0}, /* 16 bits modes */

   {0x403F,640,480,8,0}, /* 8 bits chunky modes */

I expect the extension flag should be needed for 32 bits mode.
Falcon support 16 bits mode, so maybe it's also not needed there?

So is this list correct for all these listed modes?
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