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by VanZan
Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:16 pm
Forum: MiSTer
Topic: Genesis Core
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Re: Genesis Core

May I ask a noob question? When I start up this core I always forget to change the region from JP to that of my SORII rom (USA). Is there a way to set a default region and keep it at that? My roms all have (USA) in their title you see. Perhaps foolishly all my roms have a .MD extension which default...
by VanZan
Sun Aug 25, 2019 7:30 pm
Forum: MiSTer
Topic: Newbie questions
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Re: Newbie questions

Just got mine setup and two quick questions please: 1. How to I get back to the first menu (menu.rbf) you see when the device boots up? i.e the one with the define joystick option. 2. When in that first menu the screen keeps going black and then comes back again. I'm using a HDMI cable and tried two...

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